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The Third World : Something Better aims to make quality, and ethical everyday clothing for all

"Something Better (@somethingbetterbrand) aims to make quality, and ethical everyday clothing for all, while looking towards the positive side of things - from design to end product and inspiring people in the process. The newly established brand is all about optimism to inspire and encourage people to become 1% better every day through conscious choices, starting with their wardrobe.

Its release of 2 collections: The Signature Collection and The Core Collection, consists of locally and ethically created casual wear. Produced in small batches, the brand claims that its everyday pieces are long-lasting and environmentally friendly using low-impact fibers. As a member of 1% for the Planet, it pledges to donate 1% of its annual sales to Wave for Water Philippines. Through such efforts, the brand hopes to change the uncaring market and ripple a positive effect for the community through its products and initiatives.

Something Better's Signature Collection and Core Collection will drop on November 4, 2021. To know more about their collection and initiatives, follow them on @somethingbetterbrand on Instagram, and visit"

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